If you are looking for a book that strikes the perfect balance between realistic romance and comedy, look no further than Christina Lauren’s “My Favorite Half-Night Stand.”

Who is Christina Lauren?

The author is an author duo. Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, according to the book bio, are real life “partners/besties/soulmates and brain twins” behind the pen name Christina Lauren. They have produced multiple best sellers, and I for one, will be putting the others on my TBR (to be read pile).

Can I just say, as a writer, this is a dream scenario for me, to team up with another bestie author to produce a novel? I tried this once with my bestie/soul-sister/writing-genius friend once (who I will keep nameless for now in case she ever reads this. Let’s just say she is an editing genius as well.) We co-wrote a middle-grade novel once, but got so busy being moms we let it languish so long it became painfully outdated from a publishing perspective.

Christina Lauren, “CLo,” somehow manage to be busy moms and produce timely novels.

Best First Paragraph

If you’ve read my reviews, you know I am fussy about books I hype on this blog. My requirements: Attractive, fun cover; Enticing Blurb; Great first sentence (keeps me reading the next sentence, and the next…); Great first page (bonus if I turn the page before I buy it); and a Theme that is either Hopeful, Funny, or both. This book meets all those criteria. I mean, how fun is that cover?! The blurb had me at “Millie Morris has always been one of the guys.” And the first two pages made me laugh and want to know more. See for yourself…

“When I was in grade school, my best friend, Alison Kim, was obsessed with horses. She was the horse girl — you know the one. She took lessons, came to school in cowboy boots, and always smelled faintly of barn. Not necessarily a bad thing, but certainly unique among the student body at Middleton Elementary. Her room was covered in pictures of horses; her clothes were all horse-themed. She had trading cards and figurines. This girl was invested and could be called upon at any given moment to answer a horsey question or rattle off an equestrian fact…”

(Insert hilarious horse fact quotes you can read yourself.)

“Me? I was obsessed with serial killers.” (If that’s not a hook to keep reading, I don’t know what is.)

Five Friends

Millie is “one of the guys” among a tight group of academic friends (a la Big Bang Theory) that do everything together when they are not teaching and researching. Even at work, Millie, Reid, Ed, Alex and Chris occasionally distract themselves on a group chat communication that defines their individual characters so well and with such humour, you’ll wish you had friends just like them.

There is a work event looming that they decide requires dates. As none of them has a significant other, they agree to try online dating to find their plus one. Problem is, Millie and Reid, who are best friends, complicate things by having sex. And the plot proceeds from there.

For me, this book contained no “muddled middle:” The part of the novel where I am hooked and determined to finish, but realize I have to wade through a host of unexciting details to stave off and force me to earn the satisfying ending. Sometimes, I cheat and skim that part. There was no skimming for me on this book. The ending was definitely satisfying and well written. But the journey for me to get there was my favourite part.

My Favorite Half-Night Stand is the Whole Package

I highly recommend this book. Drop me a comment if you agree. And please don’t hate me for being a muddled-middle skimmer.

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