This book has it all: cute cover, crisp descriptive writing, great dialogue, well-developed characters, and a story that delivers!

“There was a flock of butterflies partying down in her stomach, and it felt as if a few of them may have made their way to her throat and were looking for an exit.” Lanay writes this about the main character, Kimberly, as we experience her seeing her high school crush for the first time — all grown up. What a great line. I knew exactly how Kimberly felt. And I lived through every feeling she had afterwards, thanks to Lanay’s gift for weaving a story.

“I know a relationship with Jake won’t be perfect…I think he’s almost perfect…and…that’s good enough for me.”

I could go on and on with the emotional lines that for an ordinary author might feel cheesy, but not so with Lanay. There were some laughs, which is another sign of a good book for me. And there were also tears. The good kind, where I was agonizing over the circumstances, frustrated they weren’t resolving themselves, while also knowing somehow it would all work out in the end.

I loved the book so much I kept putting off reading the last one and a half chapters. I wanted to savour every word. Every earned tear. Every inward smile. Though I’d predicted the end from the middle of the book, the actual unfolding of it was more poignant than I could have imagined.

Thank goodness I own this book so I can reread it another day! 

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