Shape of Us

Two years ago I published “Clara & Pig,” a story born from my yearning to inhabit the world of a loved one persevering through the fog of dementia. I wanted to capture the laughter and joy that accompany loving such a person. And also the frightening, frustrating moments. The characters of Clara, her pet dog Pig, her eccentric bestie Bonnie, and all the others live on. And I cannot wait to share the next stage of their journey.

Last year I published a romantic comedy channeling the funny, heart-warming movies I’ve cherished over the years. While researching the science of love, I encountered a study demonstrating how true love actually happens. I wondered. What if a dating app could capitalize on this “soulmate” research? The result: “Pairs With Pinot,” a unique perspective on the rom-com genre, short-listed for an international award.

Today I am thrilled to announce the release of “The Shape of Us.” In this book, I combine my passion for healthy-lifestyle-seeking, a bit of magic, and the power of friendship during pivotal moments…

As Mt. Pleasant’s top weight loss counsellor, Susan Snow is gunning for a promotion. Her only distraction is a mirror she suspects is magic. Angela Marshall can’t seem to make a dent in an irksome five pounds she’s packed on, and she’s willing to cheat her way into ShapeShifters to lose it. Mina Haver risked everything to ensure her daughter could attend school in a bomb-free environment, and she is not about to let a feisty old lady her husband hit with his car get in the way.

These three women form an unlikely alliance when they join a ShapeShifters training run. Then Susan gets fired and her daughter gets expelled. Mina becomes the target of a vicious meme. And Angela turns to her new friends from ShapeShifters to find her footing as her son becomes increasingly angry over their move to Canada.

Separately, their lives may be derailing, but together Susan, Mina and Angela can survive anything — their erratic children, running mishaps and unraveling identities. Even a mirror with mystical properties cannot tarnish the bond pulling them into an unanticipated future.

As of today you can buy each book for $5.00 CAD or all three: “The Shape of Us,” “Pairs With Pinot” and “Clara & Pig” for $10.00! Get the 3-books bundle.

The timing could not be better to acquaint yourself with Clara’s story, because Part Two of her adventures comes out this summer.

I hope you take advantage of this unique deal. And I wish you joy, good health, and many reading adventures as we await the emergence of a post-coronavirus-world.

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